Archery technique

Choose left hand or right hand bow

Choose left hand or right hand bow

The choice between a left-handed (LH) or right-handed (RH) bow riser depends on your dominant eye and your dominant hand, as well as your personal preferences. Here's how to determine which type of bow riser to use:

1. Determine your dominant eye:
- This is essential for proper aiming and accuracy. To find your dominant eye, try the following test:
a. Extend your arms in front of you, forming a small triangular opening between your hands by overlapping your thumbs and index fingers.
b. Focus on a distant object or target through the triangular opening.
c. Close one eye at a time (first the left, then the right) while keeping the object in view. The eye that allows you to keep the object centered within the opening is your dominant eye.

2. Align your dominant eye with your aiming sight:
- If your dominant eye is your right eye, you should use a right-handed bow riser. This means your left hand will be holding the bow, and your right hand will draw and release the string.
- If your dominant eye is your left eye, you should use a left-handed bow riser. This means your right hand will hold the bow, and your left hand will draw and release the string.

3. Consider personal comfort and experience:
- Some archers may have a dominant eye and hand that don't match, but they've become accustomed to using a particular type of bow. In such cases, personal preference and comfort can override the strict matching of dominant eye and hand.

4. Seek the advice of a professional:
- If you're new to archery or uncertain about your dominant eye and hand, it's a good idea to consult with an experienced archery instructor or coach. They can help you determine the best fit for your needs and provide guidance on your archery equipment selection.

It's important to ensure that your bow and arrow setup matches your dominant eye and hand, as this will greatly impact your accuracy and shooting consistency. Inconsistent setups can lead to poor performance and frustration in archery.


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