16-22 inch Archery Carbon Crossbow Bolts

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Length: 16 inch
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16-22 inch Carbon Crossbow Bolts

  • General purpose carbon bolts, light weight andfaster shooting speed, come completed with better straightness, vanes,durable nock,insert,screw point.
  • These bolts are suitable for outdoor hunting.

  • Features:
    · These carbon crossbow bolts are crafted from high-quality carbon fiber, making them incredibly lightweight yet exceptionally durable; Maintain their strength and stability even during extended use.
    · Thses carbon crossbow bolts aerodynamic design ensures stable flight, delivering excellent shooting accuracy. Ensuring your shots achieve optimal results.
    · Carbon crossbow bolts are suitable for various activities, including hunting, target shooting practice, and outdoor recreation.
    · These bolts undergo rigorous quality control and testing to meet safety standards. The carbon fiber construction reduces the risk of breakage during use, enhancing user safety.
  • Specification: