ET-15A Stellar 25inch ILF Recurve Riser

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color: Black Gold
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  • Interface: ILF
  • Harmonic shock-absorbing design Clicker extension: 3 styles
  • Color: Single color / Mixed colors
  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum Processing: CNC ​Weight: 1150G
  • Features:
    · It adopts universal harmonic shock absorption design to reduce the vibration after shooting.
    · Made of 6061-T6 aluminum material. It has high strength and is not easy to deform. Manufactured using CNC machines to ensure high precision and avoid unnecessary errors.
    · All screw accessories are made of titanium alloy which is light, beautiful and corrosion-resistant,while also having high strength.
    · Larce-area hollow design the large-area hollow design can reduce windresistance and ensure balance.
    · Designed with three levels of modular arrow rests: high, middle and low, can be adjusted freely.
  • Specification: