Archery Recurve Bow ET-5 23'' ILF Riser with S2 Limb LH

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Color: Red
Limb Draw Weight: 12lbs
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  • 23 inch left hand riser, international ILF Interface,capable of using all ILF limb.
  • High strength magnesium alloy material has super light weight, high strength, excellent straightness and balance.
  • Multiple jacks are reserved for installation: arrow rest, plunger, sight, clicker, clicker extension block, stabilizer set.
  • Specification:
    · Bow length:66 inch
    · Riser style:23 inch LH ILF Riser(If your left eye is the dominant eye and you are accustomed to using your left hand, then you should choose a left-handed bow, with your right hand holding the bow and your left hand drawing the bowstring.)
    · Riser Material:Magnesium Alloy
    · Riser Process:Evacuated die-casting+CNC
    · Limb size:25H@68 inch
    · Limb material:Maple wood and EU Fiberglass
    · String material:HMPE
    · Packaging includes:ET-5 Riser、S2 limb、A bowstring